Monday, July 24, 2006

So, for those of you that are participating in Babywatch 2006 , we are officially "trying" now. This is our first month or cycle or whatever--we were supposed to wait 6 months (Doctor originally said 1 year, but settled on 6 months later) and we thought that five and a half months would be okay. So here we are and I can tell already---this sucks. My boobs hurt and I'm exhausted, but I think that I've talked myself into those symptoms which is a total crazy lady thing to do. I took one of those early pregnancy tests this morning, because according to my little ovulation calendar and a 24-day cycle, today should have been the first day that a test could work. Negative. You know I think that there should be special tests for people that actually want to get pregnant. So instead of saying NOT PREGNANT, there should be a little scrolling marquee through the window--"Okay Sweetie. Now listen, you're not pregnant this month, but I have a really good feeling about next month. Don't freak out, everything will be fine. Also, you're beautiful and everybody loves you."

Okay, it sounds like I'm upset, but I'm really not. This is our first month trying, and it's still kinda early to test anyway, but dammit, I've been waiting to bring a baby home since May 2005 and I'm sick of waiting. I thought that nine months was a long time. I never thought that I would have to pile at least another year on top of that. Ugh, this is such bullshit.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Last ones, I promise!

Holy Crepe!

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Okay, just a few more.....

Here we are in Amsterdam, in front of the Bluebird Coffeeshop. Draw your own conclusions.
(This was also our first wedding anniversary.)

Hooray! A beer tasting in Belgium!

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Did you know that Gibraltar had tons of monkeys wandering around?
This momma monkey bit a lady on our tour. The dumbass lady tried to put her arm around the nursing monkey while her husband took a picture.
Monkey Attack!

St. Michael's Cave at Gibraltar
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Monaco, Monte Carlo and a naked chick.

Monaco had GORGEOUS flowers!

The Casino in Monte Carlo where we won 125 euro :)

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Okay, I was busted on the naked chick. Tom made me get rid of it. So here are some mushy peas from London.

Florence & Pisa

There we are! Squint your eyes--we're in front of the tower somewhere.
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We're Home!!

It's been almost a month since my last post...but just in case anyone is checking in, here are a few pictures from Rome.
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