Thursday, July 20, 2006

We're Home!!

It's been almost a month since my last post...but just in case anyone is checking in, here are a few pictures from Rome.
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Catherine said...

Welcome home! Did you actually ride in that rinky dinky little car? How exactly did your husband fold himself up to fit?

Laura said...

Ha ha!! No, I just made him stand by one because I thought that they were cute! It's a Smart Car and they're everywhere in Europe. I learned that they are designed by Swatch and have a Mercedes engine. They are just silly tiny!

kate said...

:) Taking pictures of the Smart Car!! That is SOOO American!! LOL

I am sure that when Europeans visit us here, they pose with the Hummer!

I am glad to see you back, by the way, and am enjoying your pictures!

Lizzie said...

The funny thing about Europeans posing with the Hummers is that it is true! One of my close friends from college lives in Holland and she came to visit me last year and brought her boyfriend. He was taking pictures of all the Hummers he saw! It was pretty funny!!