Thursday, July 26, 2007

Morbid Humor and a Little Magical T-Shirt

My sister and I were talking the other day about the c-section (it will be another vertical one):

Sister-Maybe the doctor could just install a zipper this time.
Me-(laughter) Ooo, or maybe velcro so I'll be more washable.
Sister-Or just a series of snaps! Oh, but what if you have a big meal and sit down? Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!
Me-(hysterical laughter) Oh God, my uterus just fell out!!

Okay, maybe you had to be there. I thought it was freakin' hilarious.

The night that the new Ha.rr.y was released, a few businesses downtown turned one of our streets into Dia.gon All.ey. The independant movie house was showing the third movie and serving butt.erbee.r (ginger ale and butterscotch flavoring--yum!), the glass blowing guy was making custom wands, the bookstore was doing something Potter related and there were carriage rides, too. That was cool because they were the same big shires and white carriage that Tom and I used for our wedding. Hearing them clip-clop on the street brought back some happy memories. Stuff like this always brings out the weirdos and like my sister said, it was like someone turned over a nerd rock and they all came scurrying out like crabs in their capes and Hagrid beards. I'm pretty damn nerdy about this stuff, too, but I like to keep a low profile, I guess. Except for the fact that we hunted out the screen printing shop that was making custom t-shirts. I went in, prepared to make a dorky t-shirt in pink that I would wear with much pride, until I spied a little blue onsie. I had it printed with: "I solomnly swear that I am up to no good." If you haven't read the books, that probably doesn't come across nearly as cute as it's supposed to. I think it's cute, anyway. When it was ready to be picked up, everyone oohed over how what a perfect shirt for a little boy it was. They just had no clue how hard it was for me to buy that little shirt and how I was praying that he'd get a chance to wear it. I've now bought him a grand total of four things. Whoopie-doo.
I have some major updating to do--a lot has been going on in the past couple of weeks. The Piglet is totally fine (he never, ever sleeps and is after me with both feet most of the time, hard enough to make my teeth rattle. Nate never behaved like this!) So many pregnancies in two years have evidently taken their toll on me and I'm having a rough time. But I'll tell you about it tomorrow. I need some advice and some sympathy. **sigh**


Monica said...

I personally like velcro. The snaps are not sturdy enough and zippers and I don't work well. I always seem to either get them stuck or the teeth don't line up right. Go with velcro. Of course you could never wear a wool sweater... And good job on buying that outfit. Girl, I have the same issues. Actually, I'm able to buy the outfits, but the though of actually tearing off the tags and washing them gives me hives.

Catherine said...

LOL! You are funny!

Sympathy is freely available. Spill.

niobe said...

The t-shirt does sound, well, magical.

delphi said...

It's sometimes tricky to line Velcro strips up properly.... :)

I think the t-shirt is super-cute!

MB said...

You kill me. You are welcome to all the sympathy in the world. You are totall entitled! Give it up!

Kim said...

I would vote for zipper. Seems most reliable. :)

That shirt sounds so adorable! I think it's perfect.

kate said...

Sending you advice & sympathy! LOL

I LOVE the onesie!

Brenda said...

Very funny!!! lol

I was told I might have to have a vertical c section and asked the same thing. 'can I have a zipper?' lol

Great to read all is going ok.