Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oh gee..

Thanks for those coupons for Pull-Ups that I received today, nice folks at Huggies. You are nothing if not wonderfully prompt. The coupons and accompanying potty training tips will come in handy, no doubt.


kate said...


Monica said...

I hate that crap. Enfamil sent me stuff forever after I lost Jimmy. Nothing like having a decent day then checking your mailbox to see a tin of formula and a congratulations on having a six month old baby. UGHH

Kim said...

It seems impossible that it's been two years. Thinking of and praying for you...

Carole said...

I still get those as well...even though I've asked to be taken off their list. I always seem to get them on a bad day.

Emma's Mum said...

Hi its me...Emma's mum - sorry i have not been around for a while. Everything is fine and I will start posting again soon!
Ug. I just got the "Your child is 18 months old" coupons from Huggies. As you said, Gee thanks.....that put me into a funk for a few days.

BethGo said...

A couple of months ago I was getting emails from Pampers with titles like "You're six weeks pregnant!"
And I was all, "I am?"

I wasn't.


This went on for a few more weeks.
It was very disturbing.
How did they even get my email address?