Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sweet Dreams

A had a dream the other night that I didn't mention. I had fallen asleep on my own, and I'm not in the habit of doing that right now. I'm off the Vistaril--now my drug of choice is Benedryl. (Well, it's allergy season and I sleep with the windows open--so I think that's a pretty good cover.) So I wonder if I've ever had dreams like this before, but was just too gorked out to remember them.

The dream started out with my springer spaniel, Flossie, who died a couple of years ago. In the dream, I was trimming Flossie's nails and then left the room. When I came back, there was a little boy there in blue overalls. He had his back to me and he had his little arms wrapped around Flossie's neck and his face buried in her fur. He was giving her a great big squeezy hug. The little boy looked like he may have been about a year old, able to stand, but still kinda tottery. Flossie looked like she was enjoying this big hug, but I said, "Little boy, watch out! She's cranky and she might bite!" And I woke up.

We buried Nate in blue overalls, maybe I was just remembering that. But I'd like to think that they both came by to let me know that they are alright.


delphi said...

Those are the dreams that make me want to stay asleep forever.

You gave me shivers.

Catherine said...

But you didn't bury Nate as a toddler, did you? I think he just wants you to know that they're both ok. :o)

the ockers said...

I thinks dreams are whatever you want them to be. I have a hard time and struggle with whether I believe in God or an afterlife, or not. I am just not sure. This is a terrible dilemma for me because these days believing in something would be of some comfort. I think if the dreams make you happy, then run with it.

msfitzita said...

I totally believe that people visit us in our dreams, just to say hello and to let us know that they're okay and that they're with us - always.

I'm so glad Nate came to you. And Flossie too!


V said...


Just reading your blog for the first time and read post entitled "Sweet Dreams". My daughter has been gone for almost 5 months and I have only dreamt of her once, where she came alive while I was holding her. I have just read a book called "Hello from Heaven" by Bill and Judy Guggenheim. It deals with after death communication and is very enlightening. Good luck with your pregnancy.