Friday, August 24, 2007

Is This Thing On?

Hey ya'll. This was so weird. I don't know if Blogger was doing this to other people, but it wasn't showing that anyone had updated their blogs since Monday. I would go visit, but there'd be no new posts. I was getting worried, especially about those that usually post daily (Hi Catherine). Anyway, it worked this morning and I've been catching up. I was starting to panic.

I passed my diabetes test (yay!) but my iron is wicked low. I knew that was coming--and those of you who've taken iron supplements know what that means. Dammit. You just don't appreciate it until no matter how hard you try, you can't do it. Fiber is my friend.


I'm and exhibitor in a big, scary bridal show this weekend. I'm really dreading it, because (a) I don't like brides. (b) I like their mother's even less. (c) I have to play for 6 hours and my belly is getting too big for me to hold my flute properly. So then my shoulder starts cramping. But you know, I signed us up for this show when I was newly pregnant and I wasn't going to make any plans based on the fact that I would still be pregnant in August. How effed up is that? A good thing is, my adorable husband is going to be our "spokesmodel" and talk to brides so we can keep playing. There is another group that we complete with, a string quartet, and the guy they bring to shows is the cellist's husband who just happens to be the morning news and weather guy for one of our tv stations. My husband is cuter, though. Neener, neener. Today, I'm going to focus on being more positive about this show or my crappy, negative energy is going to scare everyone away. We will get gigs. We will get gigs.


I'm so hungry. I've been up since 4am, mostly because of the items in the above paragraph and all the little crappy items that go along with it that I wouldn't delegate to anyone else because I wanted to make sure that they were done correctly. Anyway, I'm starving because I desperately need to go grocery shopping. I just tried to make some cream of wheat and when I added it to the pot, a scary, prehistoric looking bug floated to the top. Crap! I looked at the expiration date, and it was August 25, 2006. Well, that's disgusting. Now I'm trying to eat a bowl of stale, generic fruit loops with soy milk. They have the consistency of calamari. I used to make a detailed, lovely menu every two weeks that I posted lovingly on the fridge for everyone to see. I'd even type it up on the computer using clever fonts and we'd always take comfort in knowing what was for dinner. I had brilliant shopping lists, stuck to the grocery budget and we always had great food in the house. Now we have cereal with bugs. There hasn't been a menu on the fridge in months and months. When I first got pregnant, everything made me so sick, there was no way in hell that I was actually going to cook anything. If Tom was hungry, he pretty much had to go kill it and barbeque it himself. And now I've got this gall bladder thing and I still can't eat anything. Bleh. The squid cereal just isn't doing it for me. Would a veggie burger be too weird for breakfast? No bread though. If I even have any bread, it's probably moldy.


We're talking October 12th for the Piglet to make his grand entrance. I was going to write a whole post about this, the gist of which is I don't really feel like my doctor is getting me. Like, he's not understanding how scared I am right now. I don't even start my two-week appointments until 32 weeks. I get an ultrasound at the 34th week, but he does that for everybody. I guess I'm just feeling like I need more attention...but I don't even know what he can do. There isn't any test to tell if I'm going to abrupt again. They can't predict it--it's like being struck by lightening and really the best he can do is to take the baby 3 weeks early. So, I need some feedback on this: he wants to do the amnio on the 11th and if Piglet's ready, do the section on the 12th. So I have to have a big needle stuck into my uterus and then be sent home? And I'm supposed to sleep that night!? He says that he doesn't want me to fast if I don't have to. What the hell? It's not like I'm getting a bunch of joy from food these days anyway, I don't give a shit if I'm hungry. I am not cool with this. Isn't it possible to have the amnio and the section the same day? What do you think? Am I being unreasonable about this?


Catherine said...

Hi! :o)

He would send you home after your amnio? If he plans the c/s for the next day, you'd have to fast anyway, wouldn't you? If you're not comfortable, start asking questions and telling him what you think. Your peace of mind is just as important as your physical care, ya know?

Good luck at the bridal show! I'm sure you'll get lots of gigs. (When are we going to get to hear you play something? I'm sure there's a way to do it via your blog somehow.)

Laura said...

Thanks Catherine :) I know that I need to be more vocal about this stuff.

Hmmm, I'll have to work on that music thing. We're planning on putting samples on our website. Who knows when that will happen though. But there might be a way to do it here, too.

niobe said...

I'm not really getting what the doctor's reasoning is, since, presumably you'll have to fast before the section anyway. (I see Catherine already made the same point). Unless there's some medical rationale for not doing it, I would think that you could pretty much insist on having the amnio and c/s the same day. You've been through far too much already. The doctors should be doing everything they can to make the delivery as easy as possible.

Monica said...

Don't get the fasting thing either. Perhaps they need a few hours to process the results form the amnio?.. Dunno. BTW, an amnio isn't that bad. The needle is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. My recommendation is not to look at it. I didn't. I just looked at the monitor and held (ok, squeezed) DH's hand.

You must speak up! I know how hard it is. If you feel like you can't, bring someone else to the appt. who can (DH, mom, friend..). I've managed to get a few extra things I wanted by speaking up. This sounds awful, but your experience has earned you the right to demand the care you feel you deserve.

Sarah said...

I'm scheduled for a c-section on 10/12 too!

A friend of mine (who also lost her first at term, when she was in the hospital to induce, due to an amniotic embolism) delivered her second at 37 weeks with a planned section. They did the amnio in the morning and delivered ~1pm.

The thought they were on the schedule for 10am, but somehow there was a mix up.

So it is possible to deliver the day of the amnio. I would guess that your ob thought it would be uncomfortable to fast until the early afternoon (or whenever they would be able to do the c-section). Maybe if you explain to him that you'd rather do it all in one day, he be fine with that. Or maybe it is something about their schedules.

I hope the bridal show went well and you're home on the couch now! (and that your husband has gone shopping for you! :)

kate said...

Um yeah, you need to be more vocal w/ your, they can do NSTs, for your peace of mind...

good luck with the amnio/section issue!