Friday, September 08, 2006

Worst. Cookies. Ever.

I've been eating so much sweet stuff lately, which is kinda weird because I really don't have a sweet tooth. Actually, I ate a lot of sweets with Nate, so never mind. Yesterday, we ran out of cake, (oh horrors!!) so I ran to the store to get stuff to make another one as fast a possible. While there, I decided to just make chocolate chip cookies instead, since there were less groceries involved with that. I was even going to go old school and use the recipe off of the Nestle bag. I never do that, because I think that there are a million better ways to make chocolate chip cookies. But me, the cookie recipe snob managed to eff-up the Nestle Toll House recipe. I am humbled.

See how flat? What the hell? But you might say--I like me a flat, crispy cookie, Laura. Well, my friend, these flat, crispy cookies also taste like...soap. Yes, it's true. I didn't rinse the Silpat that I baked them on very well. So they taste like apple blossom Dawn dish soap. Mmmmm. Of course I had to eat three to make sure that was really what I was tasting.

Round Two: chucked the Silpat ( I guess that I could have washed it, but I was pissed at it and put it in time out.) Lowered the temp of the oven and refrigerated the dough for awhile. Still flat and this time they stuck like crazy to the pan. BUT--the essence of apple blossom Dawn was gone.

Round three: Ahh, fuck it. Have a giant cookie.

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MB said...

I can cook. I can follow a recipe and can even get creative and still do pretty well. I can even bake with relative ease. However, I have NEVER, not EVER in my life bakes a decent chocolate chip cookie. I try and try and they are always, always wrong. Chocolate chip cookies are my nemesis. It goes so far back that my mother mocks me everytime I try. It's just sad.

Catherine said...


Kathy McC said...

Well you know, you can say you ate one cookie. And no one has to know that it was a GIANT one. :-)

kate said...


My dh mocks me because like michelle, i cannot produce a good chocolate chip cookie.

I say forget the cookies, and make brownies. Or better yet, those magic bars. MMMMMMNNNNN i can eat the whole dish. In fact, come to think of it -- since everyone else in the household hates coconut, i DO eat the whole dish.

BabyDansMommy said...

My friend and I (in High School) once decided to bake chocolate chip cookies..they came out incredibly flat. Oops, then we realized my Mom had pancake mix in one of the canisters, we thought it was flour. Ugh! We fed them to my brother and his friend. Hah!