Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Saturday.

I read my email first thing this morning and in my mailbox was a note from someone who I used to be friends with. She's always been such a huge bummer to be around and honestly after everything that happened, I didn't want to constantly be having a "my life sucks" measuring contest. I've got her beat by a mile anyway.

So, I open up my mailbox and I see her note with "maternity clothes" in the heading. Evidently, she would like to have her maternity clothes that she had loaned me returned as it seems she will be needing them this winter. Well good for her. Way to breed. So now I get to go dig through my tubs of maternity clothes and I would much rather dig through tubs of say, someone else's dirty underpants or something equally horrible. OOOOHH I'M SO MAD AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!! She ruined my whole Saturday. What a snotty way to tell me that she's pregnant. "Oh by the way, I'll be needing my maternity clothes back. La dee da." I'm going to mail them to her. I don't want to see her.

Today, other than feeling sorry for myself and being a complete bitch to my husband and stepdaughter, I sewed some stuff. I actually sewed my first "mom" thing--a Halloween costume for Kaityln. She wanted to be Gwen Stefani, but I talked her into being a "Rock 'n Roll Witch". Yes, I made it up! She's nine! I can still talk her into stuff. I think that it turned out rather badass if I do say so myself. I also fashioned a ninja costume for my big studly husband out of his college graduation robe and a black t-shirt on his head for his cool ninja face mask thing. He was very excited. He and Kaitlyn sat on the floor cutting out cardboard "throwing stars" and covering them with aluminum foil. It was very cute. The costume is for a Halloween party--he's not like wearing it around the house or anything. But I won't be surprised if he does. I will post some pictures of Tom and Kaitlyn in said costumes soon.

In other news....we're applying to be on Trading Spaces with our neighbors! Further updates as events warrant.

That's all. Man, I am so aggravated. Why do I let stuff like this upset me?


kate said...

ummmm....'cuz it's aggravating? Your ex-friend sounds like SHE should be wearing a witch costume, like *every day*...see i am being nice and not cursing. Rhymes-with-rich. Heh. I would be tempted to burn her &@^@%!& clothes and THEN send them back. What a lousy thing to do, what a lousy way to tell you something as difficult as that.

I can't wait to see the costumes you made though! What are *you* going to be for the party?

BethGo said...

I agree. Your friend sounds very insensitive to say the least.
A real friend would not do that, epecially in an email.
Send the clothes and be done with her. Too bad you have to waste a stamp on her.
I hope you can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Artblog said...

Gawd, and I thought I had some thoughtless "so called friends", poor you, hope the rest of your weekend was better...

MB said...

Ugh that sucks. So insensitive.

MUST post pictures of the costumes!


Anam Cara said...

What an insensitive bitch. Honestly, how on earth could she have thought that was appropriate??? Wow.

Look forward to seeing pictures of the costumes!

whatthef*ck said...

Re: the maternity clothes: ARE YOU F*CKING JOKING????????????? Who is this woman? Does she have a heart beating her chest? Does she have a soul? I am constantly shocked by these awful people who are disappointing us in such shocking ways!!! How about, "Dear Laura, I am so sorry that I need to do this at what must still be such an awful time for you, but I am pregnant again and wanted to give you a big heads up that I'll soon be neeeding my maternity clothes back. I am so sorry to ask you to deal with this. I imagine that sorting through matenity clothes is about the very last thing you want to do. Blah, bla, blah.

Jesus we should write a book. "How to help a friend who has lost a baby" or alternatively "Helping a friend who has a lost a baby or babies not feel worse by being an unbelievably insensitive a-hole." I am shocked and horrified on your behalf.