Thursday, June 01, 2006

Settling In

Here I am! Yesterday the cable guy finally got here to hook up the internet (and TV, thankfully. Having one channel was starting to get to me.) My computer died a few days before we even moved, so that explains the one crappy post last week. I had to wait for my husband to get home from work with his laptop to do anything. But now I've got a new dealie installed -- thanks to my brilliant husband who can do anything -- and I'm back in bidness, as my daddy would say.

So, yes, we've been moving all weekend and Ilovethishouseitsawesome! We've already met some neighbors -- a 90 year old lady next door named Grace and a very nice young couple across the street. I thought the couple would be our new best neighborhood friends -- but they're moving to Arkansas. Oh well.

Miss Grace is the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. We had been chatting in the driveway for less than five minutes and we heard all kinds of dirt, including stuff about the old dude two houses down that met his new young wife on the internet (which I have nothing against--Tom and I hooked up on but we're thinking that she might be a mail order bride. Or not. I don't know, but our version is more interesting, I think. Grace told me that his wife just had a new baby boy who is just so precious and she's home alone all day and would really enjoy some company. Blah, blah. Hmmm, I'll probably pass on that one right now. Which brings me to this -- Grace had met my stepdaughter, Kaitlyn, and then asked if there were any more children. Oh, I've been dreading that question, and I had to think fast. I went with "No" and my husband went with "Not yet", but Kaitlyn said "Yes!" I looked over at her and put my finger to my lips and frowned at her, which I know confused the hell out of her. When we got back inside I thanked her for wanting to include Nate and told her how much that meant to me. I said, if we tell people that the baby died it will make them very sad. And my husband added, "It's a long story." I told her that it hurt my heart to say that we didn't have anymore children, but that I love her for remembering Nate. So, that was my first experience with that question, and I guess that I handled it okay, but it didn't just hurt my heart to say that we didn't have any more children, it ripped my heart out. I should have been standing there chatting with little Nate on my hip. To say that we didn't have any more children made me feel like such a failure. Ugh, I need to shake this off. I've got stuff to do today.

More house stuff and pictures soon :)


kate said...

I am glad you are in, and i can't wait to see the picture of your new house!

Suggestion -- you should consider telling Miss Grace about Nate, when you are up to it. That way, the rest of the neighborhood will know, soon enough. I used this particular strategy when we moved after Nicolas died....those gossipy ladies can be useful. It saved me alot of ackward questions, i think. But, on the other hand, i understand not wanting to be talked about behind your back...

Laura said...

I think you're right, Kate. I don't want to have to keep saying that I don't have kids, but then I don't want to tell people that my baby died either. That's a good idea. I'm sure that I'll be able to bring it up--Kaitlyn and I have already been in her house and she showed us all of her cool old lady stuff and pictures of her kids :)