Sunday, January 28, 2007

From the frozen tundra she emerges....

Hi! Here I am!

I'm okay--relatively unfrozen. Thanks for checking on me, guys :) We got power back a few days ago and I've been a complete turd and not updating my blog or catching up with everyone. I've just been running around saying, "Wheee!" and "Hooray!" and baking and cooking and using my dishwasher, washer/dryer and vacuum with reckless abandon. (Which coincidently, I was just talking my husband into buying me a new vacuum. I just ran it and the whole house smells like ass over dog now. I changed the bag and everything.)

Speaking of dogs, all mine are fine. Henry is absolutely over the moon to be home, Shirley was probably less than pleased to leave Camp Weenie Dog, but she seems to have warmed up to us again, and the cat is pissed that we're all home period.

So, I promise to write a decent entry tomorrow. I had a really hard time yesterday...a Nate milestone...but today's a little better. I'm just trying to stay really busy.


BethGo said...

Whoo hoo! I'm the first to post!
I'm so glad you are ok.

I'm sorry you are having rough days.

Rosepetal said...

Laura, I'm mostly offline at the moment as we are away. I'm so glad you're home and I've been thinking about you and Nate a lot.


kate said...

Thank *goodness* you are okay! I have been very worried about you.

Thinking of sweet Nate for his birthday...