Monday, January 29, 2007

It Sucks

Yesterday I didn't spend the day on the verge of tears or sobbing uncontrollably in the shower, like I did on Saturday, but I was just mean. I wanted to kick-bite-punch everyone in my sight. I decided that I needed a nap, but I didn't sleep. I just went to my bedroom, rolled up like a burrito in my comforter with only my nose and eyes showing and watched an hour and a half of stand up comedy.

Eventually I drug my only slightly-less-bitchy self out of the bedroom and joined the living in the family room.

Kaitlyn said, "Can I have a snack?"
I grumped back at her, "How can you possibly be hungry? We had a ginormous lunch."
"Well, I am."
"Okay, go for it."
She walks in to the kitchen, puts some Goldfish crackers on a saucer, comes back, hesitates in the doorway, stumbles and flings crackers all over the floor.
"Kaitlyn! You need to be more careful!"
"Oops. Can you get the vacuum for me?"
"No! Those are too big for the vacuum! Pick them up yourself!"
She moves her foot and crushes several crackers with her boot and Tom laughs and says,
"Ha, ha! She's crushing them with her shoe!"
Again, Kaitlyn asks me, "Can you get the vacuum for me?"
The top of my head is about to pop off.
"It's in the hall closet!!!!!!"

Kaitlyn goes to get the vacuum and comes around the corner with a brand new one!! One of those badass Dyson ones that don't lose suction and look like a racecar or a rocket ship or something. And yes, I'm such a dork that I get excited about vacuums, especially this one--I've wanted one forever. So, they had planned the whole thing and snuck off to Home Depot while I was being cranky in my bedroom. I think that Kaitlyn is quite the little actress. I played with it right away and was facinated and also disgusted to see that even though I had just vacuumed that afternoon with the old one, the Dyson picked up a dust/dirt/hairball the size of my head. I am serious. I love my new vacuum.


Sarah said...

I started obsessing about Dysons a couple of years ago (about 6 months after we bought a new non-dyson vaccum).

I'm glad they found something to lift your spirits, even just for a bit... Sometimes thats all we can ask for.

Bronwyn said...

I got a big giggle thinking of you toodling around with your Dyson, with a big smile on your face! Glad you got a nice surprise!

Catherine said...

hehehe...I totally understand your love for your Dyson! Steve got me one and I seriously have an unnatural love for it. :o)

BethGo said...

I want a Dyson so bad.
We bought a Eureka Boss instead and it makes the whole house smell like cheese every time I use it. Bleh.

kate said...

I adore my Dyson and this story is just so funny! I have this mental picture of her crushing the pieces with her shoe to make them 'small enough to vaccuum'! ROTFL! But i am suprised your head *didn't* explode!

delphi said...

I am in love with my central-vac in the same way you love your Dyson. If I didn't have central-vac, I would die for a Dyson.

Hi, My name is D, and I am a vacuum freak.