Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Someone's been playing with my one-year-old nephew's toys.

My sister called a few minutes ago to ask if anything weird has been happening around my house. I said, yes, a couple of things have happened that could be weird or they could be the cat. She told me that Connor's electronic toys have been going off by themselves this week. Two in particular: a toy laptop and a driving simulator. The laptop is operated by touching the "mouse" and a picture comes up on the screen. The child then has to touch the matching picture on the keyboard and if it's correct, it makes a sound. She said that a picture of a train came up on the screen and a few seconds later, she heard the sound of a train coming from the toy. The little driving toy has been honking. Both of these toys don't make any noise when they are turned on or off. If that was the case, then the batteries just might be dying. Certain buttons have to be pushed for them to make noise--especially the laptop. Not only were buttons pushed, the correct button was pushed in order for the train to sound. I don't know. But it is interesting that this is happening during his birthday week.

Speaking of birthdays...what did you do or what do you plan on doing for your child's first birthday? I'm going to make an floral arrangement for the cemetery and I'd like to release some balloons, but I would love to know some ways that others have celebrated their children.


Aurelia said...

What we always do, is take the day off, go to the cemetary, and leave flowers, then my hubs and I go to a little restaurant nearby, that I just love. We have lunch together and talk. The one exception was when I had a new (subsequent miracle baby) and couldn't take him to the restaurant or leave him with a sitter, so we went to a park afterwards.

Bronwyn said...

For the first anniversary, we were in London (en route to France for my brother's wedding). We bought a bottle of wine and raised a glass to Lydia's memory with some friends. Last year, I planted some flowers and my husband and I spent the evening talking about what she meant to us.

I hope you find your own special way of celebrating and commemorating.

kate said...

I make cupcakes every year and we eat them. That's about it.

The first year we bought his tree on his birthday, but couldn't plant it for a year and a half until we moved & i did the landscaping. The second year we just did the cupcakes. Last year we all planted pansies in his garden, which was very nice and i liked it alot, but in fact it was too early and cold, and the flowers all died. So this year, it will be just cupcakes again. Oh yeah, and i usually do baskets for the hospital (gift baskets for grieving parents) around his b-day.

three minute palaver said...

we stayed home and drank wine. It felt very empty. I wish I'd found a better way to commemorate the day other than get tanked. Maybe this year will be different? Thinking of you.

delphi said...

I make butterfly cupcakes and we take them to the cemetary. We light candles and hold each other and cry. It was a little different this year. Next year, BB will be able to eat a cupcake.

Doing the baby-cemetary visiting thing sucks, but it doubly sucks to do it in January in the frozen part of Canada where I live. You are almost gaurenteed that it will be too cold to spend much time there. I make up for it in the summer...

msfitzita said...

My husband took the day off and we spent the day together. We took Thomas' bedding and some other baby supplies we bought that day to a local home for unwed mothers, then went out to lunch. We stopped at my Mom and Dad's for a quick visit and then came home. I made a chocolate birthday cake and we had a quiet night together. I think we'll probably do the same thing for his second birthday - and maybe every one after that.

Thinking of you and your beautiful little Nate.


V said...

My daughter's first birthday was a month after she died. It was extremely difficult so I asked some friends over to keep my mind occupied. Some of them went with us to the memorial park and then we went home afterwards for a social. This year I want to keep it quiet, take the day off work and definitely take some flowers and balloons to the memorial park.

Btw. I do believe that Nate was visiting when all the toys went off. If you ever get the chance you should read "Hello from Heaven" by Bill and Judy Guggenheim. Excellent book.