Friday, January 12, 2007

Yes I'm Serious. And Don't Call Me Shirley.

Meet Shirley!
She's the new member of our family. Shirley is a mini doxie and very tiny--about 7.5 pounds.

This is where Beverly hangs out now that Shirley has joined us: on top of the cabinets in my pie basket.

This is where Shirley hangs out. She loves her Dad.


Natey's orchid bloomed again. I can't believe that I've kept this orchid alive for almost a year! I was getting pretty discouraged, but I hung in there, watering and feeding a stick in a pot on my kitchen windowsill for most of the summer and all of the fall. But what a reward!

Oh, I love orchids.


Catherine said...

awwww...Shirley is adorable!
And I love your orchid too!

three minute palaver said...

Shirley's beautiful. and her ears look so soft.

Kathy McC said...

Beautiful dog, beautiful orchid. Awesome!

BethGo said...


MB said...

Shirley is a doll. How did you end up with her? She's grown, right? The cat in the pie basket kills me.

I LOVE the orchid. I have never been good with orchids. Pretty good with violets, but orchids, not so much. Beautiful.

kate said...

Awww what a cute dog! And Nate's orchid is beautiful. It looks alot like Nicolas' orchid LOL. Congrats on the well-timed blooming!

Bronwyn said...

How cute is Shirley? It looks like she's a real daddy's girl ;) And very well done with Nate's orchid -- it's beautiful! I had a rose bush for Lydia that made it through 2 years, but finally bit the dust this year. (I need to find something less fragile, I think.)

msfitzita said...

Awwww, what a cutie pie!! We've had a few discussions about getting a little wiener dog too, but so far it's all been talk. So I'll be needing frequent Shirley updates for research purposes - poke, poke, poke.

The orchid is stunning. Kudos for your obvious green thumb!!